Covert and overt options for military, medical, close protection and civilian use.

Thanks to the IFAB™, CorMed-DX™ and CellAED®, it is now possible to carry an AED, as well as a life-saving bleed control kit including the ‘Big Four’ you’ll need to control traumatic haemorrhaging wherever you go.

The first-of-its-kind Individual First Aid Belt (IFAB™) gives users unparalleled peace of mind knowing that they have the key equipment required to save a life on their person, at all times.

This is unprecedented and will change the way we operate in austere and hostile environments, on the street and in the workplace, as well as in discreet close protection settings.

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A red rectangular box with a white cross symbol on it, containing medical equipment for first aid response to trauma and cardiac incidents. The box is opened, revealing its contents, including a bleed control kit, Fire Safety Stick, and CellAED device. It can be mounted on walls or transported in vehicles, providing a versatile option for emergency preparedness.

Our products are designed by military veterans and active close protection professionals and are made using high-quality, military-grade materials.

The AED is manufactured by CellAED® and supplied to us by our equipment partner, Cormed-DX: