OHSS Risk Management Consulting

Industry Expertise

Leaning on research-led theory and operationally tested methodologies, our consulting arm can enhance your organisations ability to anticipate and manage latent risks, prepare for emergencies, respond to crises, and to effectively adapt in times of disruption in order to survive and prosper.

In bridging the competency gap between security and occupational health & safety (OHSS) risk management, our chartered consultants have undergone an extensive process of collaboration to integrate the concepts, methodologies, and operational nuances of OHSS best practice to offer a unique and truly comprehensive approach to the strategic governance of OHSS risk.

OHSS Service Capabilities

Strategic Governance & ISO Conformance

Effectively integrating the management of Occupational Health, Safety & Security (OHSS) risks presents a significant  methodological and categorical variation of concept, and the complexity of managing such variation at scale internally cannot be underestimated. At Aetos, our SME's have collaborated to create a truly integrated solution. By leaning on the OHSS frameworks, processes, and operational practices that have been integrated with industry best practice and ISO standard conformance, our subject matter experts can help you to effectively govern the full spectrum of your OHSS challenges at the level of policy, process, and practice, both domestically and overseas. Our strategic governance and conformance capabilities include:

  • Integrated OHSS Legal Compliance Evaluations
  • OHSS Management System Audits 
  • Integrated Management System Development
  • ISO 45001 Conformance Evaluation
  • ISO 45003 Conformance Evaluation
  • OHSS Capability Study
  • OHSS Maturity & Performance Evaluation 
  • ISO 31030 Travel Risk Managemen
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Embedded OHSS Consulting

For large organisations and projects with significant scopes of work at scale, the cost vs benefit analysis of embedded OHSS consulting can often prove favourable. Through embedding our industry leading SME's into your organisation, you will have the capability to insert and utilise their expertise dynamically across all layers of the organisation/project structure. From leading and supporting internally recruited HSE Advisors in the field to supporting your existing Senior Management Team with client interfacing, proactive monitoring, and continuous improvement initiatives,  you will have full authority over your embedded consultant whilst maintaining the experience and support of our wider consulting group. Our embedded consulting capabilities include:

  • Project HSE Advisors/Managers 
  • Project Security Advisors/Managers
  • Operations Safety Coaching 
  • Senior Security Manager
  • Senior OHSS Leader
  • Lead Incident Investigator 
  • OHSS Training & Education Instructor 

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Operational Control of Risk

Our expertise exceeds far beyond strategic governance and management system conformance. We pride ourselves on our unparalelled capability to deliver robust OHSS performance where is matters most, in the dynamic and unpredictable settings of daily operations. Through the utility of our wider consulting group and our strategic partners, our consultants can work directly with operations and project management teams in supporting and guiding site-based personnel toward exceptional OHSS performance, zero fatalities, decreased lost-time, decreased incidents, and increased reporting. From OHS Consultant Practitioners performing site-based OHS audits, inspections, and management activities to Security Consultants inserting with project teams to advise and perform threat assessments, journey management plans, emergency response plans, access control evaluations, or proactive security management, we have you covered. Our operational control of risk capabilities include (but is not limited to):

  • Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Response
  • Project & Site-based Risk Assessment 
  • Fire & Explosion Prevention
  • Chemical & Biological Risk Management
  • Site / Project Security Risk Management
  • Contractor Control & Project Interface 
  • Fall Prevention & Lifting Operations
  • Control of Plant & Machinery  
  • Isolations, Emergent Works & Confined Space Entry
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Our specialist consultancy services are delivered by our external partner, the Aetos Group, whose credentials are available on