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IFAB Pouch and Bleed Control Kit

IFAB Pouch and Bleed Control Kit

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Thanks to the IFAB, it is now possible to carry an AED, as well as life- saving
bleed control kit you’ll need to control traumatic haemorrhaging wherever you
go. This is unprecedented and will change the way we operate in austere and hostile environments, on the street, and in the workplace, as well as in discreet close protection settings.

The first-of-its-kind Individual First Aid Belt (IFAB) gives users unparalleled
peace of mind.

By incorporating the Med Module, the IFAB becomes an enhanced IFAK with
double bleed control kit.

The IFAB is made up of two main components:


The mounting platform for the IFAB. The receiver plate threads onto the
user’s belt. The Med Card then attaches to the Receiver Plate via Velcro and a
jump flap for maximum retention.


Attaches to the Receiver plate via Velcro and jump flap. Its pouches and
sleeves, made of the highest quality materials, carry the AED and all the kit you
need to control the bleed.

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