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Single Cell IFAK

Single Cell IFAK

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Single Cell IFAK

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Time is everything when dealing with a medical emergency and having access to life
saving med kit is critical. The Single Cell IFAK attaches to the user via Velcro and
magnets, allowing for the IFAK to be torn away and deployed in a matter of seconds.

The Single Cell IFAK is ultra-low profile and lightweight, designed for use in a covert
Close Protection role or as an overt solution added to stab vests or utility belts via a
mounting platform. This can be mounted via Molle or belt loops. The magnets add to
its versatility, allowing it to be attached to vehicles and any metal objects.

The product has been designed for use with the Med Module, a Utility Board which
houses a complete trauma kit, attached via shock cord. It has laser-etched
instructions indicating where medical equipment should be positioned and can easily
be removed in the event of a medical incident.

The Med Module can be carried on its own, and also has the ability to become an
everyday carry (EDC) item via the map pockets of utility trousers, a backpack, or the
boot of a car, to name a few.

Kit included:

Med module:

1 x CAT tourniquet
1 x Chest seal
1 x Basic life support card
1 x Marker pen
1 x Compression bandage 4”
1 x Haemostatic dressing
1 x Trauma shears

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